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Jacob Dulalia

Sales Consultant to Ronald Ramirez


Jacob's background is as rich and varied as the communities he serves. Growing up in Western Sydney, his youthful passion for sports instilled in him a competitive spirit and a love for social interaction. His journey has been shaped by a variety of people-facing roles, from bustling hospitality environments to the vibrant pulse of Sydney's underground music and fashion scenes. This diverse range of experiences has equipped Jacob with an unparalleled understanding of people from all walks of life, enabling him to connect with clients on a personal level and cater to their unique real estate needs.


Jacob's entry into real estate was sparked by a chance encounter that illuminated the path to his aspirations. While working at a local retail store, a conversation with a successful customer inspired him to pivot his career towards real estate. This marked the beginning of Jacob's aspirational journey, driven by a desire to emulate the success he admired. His ambition is reflected in his dedication to his clients, guiding them towards achieving their own real estate dreams with the same fervor he has for his own goals.


Jacob's determination is the cornerstone of his success. His varied background, from sports to fashion, has taught him the value of persistence and hard work. In real estate, this translates to an unwavering commitment to his clients and their needs. Whether navigating the complexities of the market or advocating for his clients' best interests, Jacob's determined nature ensures he consistently delivers results. His drive, coupled with his deep understanding of the industry and the needs of his clients, makes Jacob a formidable ally in any real estate endeavor.